We have placed a few of our patient testimonials on this page.  The best way to see our reviews/testimonials is to click HERE.    It will take you to our Google review page.

  • "Dr. Barrus has helped me and my family over the years with chiropractic care. Recently he even helped me with an issue I was having with my foot. He used some cold laser therapy. It has helped me so much, I can't believe it. I thought I was going to have to go to a foot specialist. He told me that the laser might help a lot and if not he'd refer me to a specialist. I got relief with the laser!"
    R. Lawson
  • "I have been to a lot of different chiropractors and tried a lot of different things for my health. Dr. Barrus is one of the best I have seen. He is pleasant, knowledgeable, honest, and he won't try to just get you in for as many treatments as he can. He told me what he thought would help me and said he would re-evaluate with each visit. Many of my other doctors know Dr. Barrus and talk highly of him also."
    J. Clark
  • "I have had low back and hip problems for many years. At 71 years old I had all but given up thinking there was no way for me to keep active. I like to garden and do other things around the house, but was unable to due so because of my pain. I went to Dr. Barrus and tried his spinal decompression machine. After 10 visits I felt so good. I am so thankful he helped me."
    L. Johnson
  • "I knew I needed spinal decompression. I had read all about it and felt it was just what I needed for my disc problem. I went to Salt Lake to try a doctor up there that had this procedure. His costs seemed very high at $5,500 and his arrogance also was a turn off. I found another doctor in Utah County that wanted $2,400 for spinal decompression. I thought that was much better. Then I looked up Dr. Barrus. I had a consultation with him and found that his spinal decompression treatment plan included much of the same as these other two doctors. He includes laser therapy with his spinal decompression sessions. Best of all his price was the best I have seen anywhere. I got 15 sessions over a 2 month period for $960. I love his decompression table, it has a TV above it so I can watch a relaxing dvd during my treatment. I feel so much better. My disc problem has gone away! I would refer anyone needing spinal decompression to Dr. Barrus."
    M. Little

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